SORTED! book finalist in international award

Very exciting news – my book, SORTED! the ultimate guide to organising your life – once and for all has been nominated for an award at the 2010 Los Angeles Organising Awards.

Like to vote for my book? Go to and click on “cast your votes now through December 15th.”awards2010foxlogo344

You don’t need to be a member to vote, but you will neeed to register your email address to vote (one vote per email address).

Some other folk you may wish to consider voting for:

  • Ready Made Magazine (Best Publication featuring organizing) – I love this mag!
  • Jeri Dansky Blog  (Best Organizing website or blog) – this is truly a great blog
  • Sara Getzkin / Hands on! Organizing services (Most ecofriendly Organizing service)
  • Harold Taylor Time Consultants Ltd (Best Time management expert)
  • Dorothy Breininger / Delphi Centre of Organization (Philanthropy Award)

Thanking you in advance!!

SORTED book cover bestseller


8 responses to “SORTED! book finalist in international award

  1. Yep my vote is there and I’ve passed the word on. I also voted for Harold Taylor and Dorothy Breininger while I was there, but hadn’t heard of Ready Made so now off to have a look! Thanks for yet another thing to have a look at!


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