Handy and fun, or a pain in the arse?

What do you think of these shredding scissors from http://www.usefulthings.com?  Are they a fun, handy tool?  Or…. a pain in the arse?



13 responses to “Handy and fun, or a pain in the arse?

  1. That’s really quite funny XD Well I suppose the idea was good but in practicality…I think I’ll stick with the shredder.

  2. IMHO a shredder would be easier to use – they look as though they would jam and be frustrating, especially as they got blunt. Another way to “shred” papers is to tear them up into small pieces, and put them in water for a while. The resulting mess is unreadable after a while, and then you can just squeeze it out and bin it.

  3. I’m with you Kim – plus looks like waaaaay too much work! I love my shredder and I use the shredding (‘confetti’ strips) for the cat litter tray.

    I love your tearing up and putting in water idea – great trick!

  4. Looks like far too much work, especially for the price. It’s possible to get cheap little hand operated shredders for not much more.

    What it does look good for is paper crafting – I can see many uses there. Maybe they should review their target market.

  5. For that price you could almost buy a cheap shredder from Kmart… but having seen the number of shredders in the clearance section in Kmart today, maybe not. Any money you “saved” by not buying yourself a shredder would soon be eaten up in time using those silly things!

    Speaking of shredders… it never ceases to amaze me what people will throw on public recycling bins. My local box haunt/local council recycling drop off point is identity theft heaven! Were I so inclined, that is. I won’t even throw out my name and address in my recycling bins!

  6. No. Public drop off points with large bins for cardboard and others for plastic and glass. Anyone can get in those bins and salvage what they like, provided they can get into the bins, which is not as easy as it used to be. We have domestic bins and these bins are largely used by the out of towners and uh, the heavy drinkers. Scary, huh?

  7. Their only advantage I can see is lack of electricity. But how many people without electricity need a shredder?

  8. I have a pair that I bought from Big W sold as herb scissors….and let me tell you… for this use they are simply wonderful!!!

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