Useful things to do with a post it note competition

Kathryn and I recently took a road trip to Adelaide for some sorting.  On the way over, the afternoon sun was hitting Kathryn’s face and causing problems with her vision, so we came up with this novel use of my new post it notes:
post it note

post it note

It worked a treat!  And being repositionable, we moved it as necessary!

posit it driving

I would love to hear your unusual uses for post it notes… the creative, the silly or the practical!

Post your entry here!  You can enter as many times as you want.  Winner will receive a pack of post-it notes like the one featured in the above photo – I’m pretty sure they aren’t available in Australia.  If someone from outside Australia wins, I will make sure you receive a prize you can’t purchase in your own country!

Entries will only be accepted via this blog and entries close 11.59pm 15/9/09.


22 responses to “Useful things to do with a post it note competition

  1. too funny
    I use post-it’s for everything at work .. and i love them in all shapes and colours
    but can’t think of anything quite as funny as your’s that i’ve used them for !!!

    • you can get something called an ‘Index’ marker for this. They are cool and you can write on them and re use them etc- like a little plastic tab :o)

  2. I’ve used post it notes when measuring up for wall hangings. This is a bit hard to describe but if you can imagine creating little right-angles once you’ve measured where the 4 corners of a picture should sit. You can also use the post it to mark where the hanger on the back of the frame will sit, so you can make a marker for the nail. You can use your pencil mark on the post it, rather than the wall. Then simply hammer the nail straight through it, then remove. All is better than using pencil. This also allows you to step back and have a good look at the wall and imagine the picture in the space. Better still if trying to line up several frames. Just use a different colour set of post-its to represent each frame.

    Also great for measuring children’s heights, messages of “I love You” in kid’s lunch boxes, and for the odd coffee cup coaster. Oh and let’s not forget they can be useful for a good game of ‘Celebrity Head’ – as long as it’s not a particularly ‘hot’ day or they won’t stick to your forehead for long!

  3. My boss uses them to indicate seam allowances while sewing. Most sewing machines only have grooves with standard sizes which are not metric, so she just sticks a post it note at the required seam allowance and uses that as a stitching guide.

  4. Sticking them in the toilet seat to remind my partner to lower the lid please!!!

    Other helpful reminders around the house to aid my partner around life!

    I’ve also made a treasure hunt birthday gift, where I’ve used the post it notes as clues and stuck them under tables, and chairs, and other objects so my partner had to go find them!

  5. I love these responses – the toilet seat is a cracker!

    The sewing machine seam allowance also a good one… I realised I have done this in the past but had forgotten- probably because my sewing machine is a bit dusty 🙂

  6. padded card post-its, these look fascinating and I haven’t seem them before.

    I lovvvvvve stationary. Only wish I could think of a fascinating use for post-its.

    Maybe my mind has gone soft becasue I’ve started the big serious spring clean today and actually tossed out some long horded but never used stationary treasures this morning

  7. helllllllen! Did you know stationery is the most commonly hoarded item in homes (that I’ve seen)! You are funny. I’m glad your entry can’t qualify for the prize cos you probably don’t need more post-its! LOL!

    But yes, these kind are lovely (rubbing it in!)

    Am very glad you are having a serious spring clean – keep up the good work GF!

  8. Hi Lissanne,

    I’m so OCD addicted to your book, I’ve been carrying it around with me since I bought it on the way to Vietnam in December 07! yikes!

    I am a teacher, and once there was a note that was super urgent for their parents to read, so instead of trusting my year 1’s or their parents to check their bags, I stuck a post it note to their forehead with a note saying “urgent note in bag” lol. I got funny looks, and other teachers still dont leave me alone…but hey…it worked!!! Needless to say…I wont do it again…


  9. Joanne, you make me laff – “OCD addicted to my book” is very funny and a big compliment! I love that my words resonate and are HELPFUL!

    Well, your use of a post-it note is unique and very creative! I LOVE IT! It’s very, very clever 🙂

    Well done!

  10. Joanne, I take my hat off to you! That is hilarious, FANTASTIC.

    Wouldn’t it be GREAT if they pre-printed some with the word LOSER or FAIL on ’em!

    Sorry, I’m just having one of those frustrating kinds of days where customer service seems to be marked ‘optional’.

    I love your story, I reckon whatever it takes to get the job done – do it! If it raised eyebrows then it did it’s job.


  11. I use post its to go through old journals of mine and stick a post it where I find a good quote, a poem, or something noteworthy to upload on the internet or share with friends. That way its easily findable and a good visual reminder.

    I use sticky notes to find recipes in books and I also sticky note little I love yous and other random cute things and post where my boyfriend will find them unexpectedly.

  12. And another cool idea is to write a quote you really like on a post it note, stick it on a funky postcard and then stick stickers around it or paste a photo or picture you like, slip it into a cheap photo frame and you got something really unique and cool to show or to give to a friend or family member as a gift. 🙂

  13. Stick to household items around the house when learning foreign language vocab …
    Stick to back of front door as a reminder to do something …
    Stick on items of furniture when moving overseas and things need to be marked for “uplift” or “storage” …
    Stick on cards when decorating them to mask part of the surface (ie when stamping or whatever)
    Use in place of dividers (ie like the index idea above) …

    But I have to say I really like the Celebrity Head one …

  14. I put them on the inside of the front door if I need to remind myself or the kids to take something with them before leaving the house and use them on the speedo part of the car to remind me of things to get when I’m out and about or to ensure I don’t leave things behind at work, you just move it so you can still keep an eye on your speed but there is usually enough room and you can’t miss it!

  15. I know I’m really late responding (because I’ve only just read the email!) but I use them for an activity when training – a bit like celebrity head. I actually print the labels I want on a standard piece of paper, stick the blank post-its over the top so I know where the print will end up, then reprint the same page and the print goes onto the post-its instead. Looks much better than my handwriting! The trick is though, to make sure the stuck edge feeds into the printer first or you’ll have a big mess to clear out of the inside of the printer! =) Learned that one the hard way.

  16. Joanne was the lucky WINNER of this comp – very creative way to get her message home to parents of the students she taught!

    Well done Joanne, and thanks to all – there were some spectacular entries!

  17. Lissanne, thanks again, these post its are great! I’m now on here for help with moving house, as hubby and I have just purchased our first home! argh. I’m a hoarder from long ago, I’ve gotten a lot lot lot better, but boy do I have a lot of things to sort! here goes nothing. I’m going to search for any type of help to save me (with a bit of pressure from mum and hubby to get rid of stuff heehee). x

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