The days are short and there is still so much to do

I love this from

MJ reads all mail, slowly, sitting on her couch – but in most cases she does not respond. Understand this is not for lack of appreciation. It’s just that the days are short and there is so much still to do.

Ringo Star has similar sentiments.  Some time ago, he called for a stop to all mail from fans.  Peace and Love he said, but please, no presents, no fan mail, no requests for autographs.  Peace and Love, but no more.  The days are short and there is still so much to do.

Have you ever dreamed of setting such boundaries? Have you not just dreamed, but done it? If you were to ask for a stop to something (so you could get on with other things) what would you draw the line on …


4 responses to “The days are short and there is still so much to do

  1. Great thought provoking post Lissanne!

    Yes I have dreamed of similar sentiments in some areas but there are only so many things you can control in life, so I choose instead to respond to them differently. I consider myself to be a gal who chooses more on the basis of ‘quality’ rather than ‘quantity’. I weed out what ‘isn’t’ important to my daily happiness frequently. That can included people. Any energy spent on something negative, can be spent in equal quantity on something positive.

    This started years ago, one day during several months of crisis in my life. In those days I worked in the same street that I lived in and would go home for lunch. Feeling quite low, something on an Oprah show that day talked about how ‘good girls’ overwhelm themselves. At the time I felt like the message was sent from heaven, it made me pause and think and set new rules for me. I decided instead to learn how to say ‘no’ and set boundaries.

    The interesting part is watching everyone else squirm at the new status quo (the show said that would happen and it was fascinating for me to watch). As the show at the time said – ‘we teach people how to treat us’. You will find it is the rest of the people we are involved with who suddenly have to lift their game. By not setting boundaries for ourselves we are enabling others around us to be just as dependent. Habits are usually caused by pay-offs. Lose the need for the pay-off, habit dies. Set clear boundaries, it’s a gift to yourself and others.

  2. Thanks Angela! I was thinking about that Dr Phil philosophy “we teach people how to treat us” this very morning!

    I particularly like that you say negative energy can be spent in equal quantity on POSITIVE energy… so true!

  3. Ha… Love the sentiment. Have been attempting to rework some of my less-than-desirable habits lately, aiming for more quality than quantity. Such a challenge to cut out some favorite activities and tasks to make room for the much more important ones…

  4. Enough with the Christmas cards! Please send me a personal note in May or August when time is not so busy. I might do the same back. I would NEVER send you a pre-printed card with just my name on the bottom, at any time of year. I don’t need a Christmas card to remind me you’re still alive. If you weren’t, I would have found out by now!

    And please … if we have not seen or corresponded with each other in the last 12 months, PLEASE do not send me jokes along with the other 45 people on your email list.

    AND any jokes coming into my inbox need to be specifically targetted at me. eg. “Hi Francesca, are you sure the ranting lady in the joke below is not you?? BTW .. would you like to come to dinner on Friday?” and so on.

    Personal communication. Not the kind of seagull, fly in, drop one on you and leave kind … an actual connection.
    Thanks for listening …. 🙂

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