7 responses to “Paperwork – do you love it or hate it?

  1. I seem to be better with paperwork at work than at home – guess the idea of losing my job over is incentive enough to stay on top of it! 🙂

  2. I love doing paper work when I am on top of it and in control, but it really freaks me out and stresses me to the max when “IT” takes over my life >
    I currently feel I am drowning in it, but everyone else is so convinced I can do it as when I do it I do it really well.

    I have to juggle it in my work )I am finance officer of a not for profit organisation 30hrs p.week
    I am also Finance manager of my church (a Company Ltd.) , this is an unpaid volunteer role.
    Then of course there’s ME (a senior ), bottom of the pile trying to keep my sense of humour.

  3. at work i’m the queen of paper control … at home completely out of control. like jekyll & hyde 🙂

  4. Your emails Lissane should be with the subject of motiviation not organisation because when I receive an email from you I do spend sometime dealing with the small amount of clutter I have, can you send me one each Monday.

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