Think being organised impedes creativity?

I don’t think so.  I think being organised liberates our creative urges!  I love this quote: “Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work.” Gustave Flaubert.

What do you reckon?


7 responses to “Think being organised impedes creativity?

  1. I agree Lissanne. I know some very ‘creative’ type people who are chaotic and disorganised by very nature of their personality, and as a result I know they are not as productive in their creativity as they could be. All potential and little realised expression.
    Another example some may connect with is scrapbooking. Unless you are orderly about it, not a lot of pages result!

  2. I concur 100%. Flaubert hit it on the head. I think I’ll get that quote tattooed somewhere one day.

  3. You need some form of organisation to be creative – in the case of arts and crafts, being able to put your finger on everything you need. In the case of computers, and creativity in general, an uncluttered work area for less distraction.

    • Most people don’t realise how much easier their life is until they get rid of the mess and organise their home…keep up the good word!

      PS. There is a show on foxtel call “cleanaholics” these women spend up to 30 hours a week cleaning – now that’s freaky. I wish I had a spare 30 hours a week! 🙂

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