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NAPO Ask the Oganiser Panel

I’ve had a ball at the recent NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) 21st Annual conference.  Over 700 delegates travelled from all over the world to Orlando, Florida.   Picture here are my colleagues in the Ask the Organizer panel, from left: Cara Brook, Lauren Halagarda, Sandy Wright, Amy Trager , Monica Ricci (moderator), Lissanne Oliver, Joshua Zerkel , Eileen Koff.  The Ask the Organizer panel is one of the most popular sessions.

My colleagues all have specific expertise, skills or experience. A couple of examples are:

  • Amy, who at 25 is a member of NAPO’s Golden Circle (signifying veteran status) and has never worked in any other role other than Professional Organising.  She is the new generation – how exciting!
  • Lauren, who specialises in organising with technology.

The “Ask the Organizer”panel is one of the most popular sessions at the conference and was held on the morning of the first day.   It’s designed to have as many questions from the audience answered in a two hour timeframe.  We apparently set a new record – 28 questions!  Questions came from Professional Organisers old and new, and covered everything from liasing with clients to working with the media.

I scored a DVD and watched it back today – so what did i learn as a viewer?  There was a lot of valuable information, so much so that you might want your own copy ($20 USD + shipping).  You can purchase one here .

Me on the NAPO Ask the Organizer panel 2009

Me on the NAPO Ask the Organizer panel 2009

A few of the things I learned/was reminded of:

  • don’t reinvent the wheel
  • keep it simple and
  • communicate well.

All good guidelines no matter what your profession or perspective!


4 responses to “Ask the Organiser / Organizer

  1. Hi Lissanne,
    It was so great to meet you at the conference, and the trip to (dare I say it?) Disney for dinner was fun! Hope to see you at the next conference. I’m really enjoying the book, also!

  2. Hi Lissanne,

    It was great fun to see you on the Ask the Organizer Panel. You did a great job answering questions and as I told you at the time, the camera loves you! I am so glad that we were able to spend time at the NAPO conference.

    Be well,

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