The Digital Detox Challenge

Have you heard of The Digital Detox Challenge? say this:

Computer screens, iPods, TVs, phones and the dozens of other devices we’re cybernetically attached to are so pervasive that we can’t escape them. We live them, we breath them, we need them … Or do we? On Monday, April 20, Adbusters challenges you to do the unthinkable: unplug. Say good-bye to Twitter and Facebook. Turn off your TV, iPhone and Xbox. Reconnect with the natural world and the people around you. You’ll be amazed at how the magic creeps back into your life. Go to for inspiration, articles, videos, posters and more. Next Monday, don’t be afraid and don’t find excuses … take the plunge and see what happens.

Adbusters do some stuff I’m a fan of: Buy Nothing Day and their awesome Gift Exemption Voucher (featured in my newsletter more than once!).

I would love to do the Digital Detox Challenge but I can’t turn my computer off for a week as I run a business.  But what I will do is limit my use to ONLY between 9-6 Monday to Friday.  That will be a challenge in itself!  Same goes for my phone.  And the TV can stay off (not so challenging!)

Take a peek at this person’s experience… definitely worth the read.  Look out for:

  1. The sinking ship analogy – hilarious!
  2. fractalisation of stuff – soooooo true

Will you join me in the challenge?  Or is it an impossible concept for you?


2 responses to “The Digital Detox Challenge

  1. So my wrap up of digital detox week was that I found I was definitely more creative with hands on projects rather than creating via a digital medium. It was worth doing!!

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