About that old stuff you have tucked away…

All that old stuff you have lying about – make it useful!  Here’s two great projects:

1.  The Victoria & Albert museum in London has a Wedding Dresses fashion project you can contribute to by submitting your wedding photos, or someone elses, from Victorian times to the current day.


I love this pic for the simplicity of attire and the fact that the couple look so young it’s possible they needed their parents permission.

The images are organised by decade but quite frankly, there are nowhere near enough pics from the 80’s (has the evidence been destroyed perhaps?!)  This 80’s wedding is worth checking out though! I remember that look well!

Why not contribute your own wedding pics?  When did you last check out the album anyway?  Dust it off and enjoy the memories!

2.  Another great project is thanks to Australia Post’s 200 year anniversary.  It’s the PERFECT reason to revisit the letters you have stuck in a box up the top of your wardrobe.  Australia Post are looking for letters to or from an Australia to contribute to the Letters of a Nation Project. It could be documenting an event – war, sporting moment, political event or plain everyday life.  I’m sure you have some great stuff tucked away!

All the details are here at the Australia Post website. It’s worth a play with the dragable timeline too – lots of visual fun!
Here’s a dramatic example from 1975. It’s an angry mother’s letter to Sir John Kerr, in protest of Gough Witlam’s dismissal she is returning a Christmas Card sent to her daughter.


What do you think?

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