Lost… and found!

I’ve been on the road again, helping folk all over Australia get organised.  This time, I was in Perth.  On the flight over, I managed to leave my favourite cardi on board.  no worries, I rang the airline and it was located so all I had to do was fetch it before boarding my flight home to Melbourne this afternoon.
Well, the guy at Virgin’s “Baggage Blues” couldn’t seem to find it… and after looking for a while, I told him I’d better board my flight.  He asked me to wait a sec while he grabbed a female member of staff to see if she could help.  She located the cardigan within 30 seconds.

Where was it?  It was in the bin clearly labelled “Items to be collected”.

Crikey, did he have a “boys look” or what?!


3 responses to “Lost… and found!

  1. Lissanne, clearly this person at the airline had not been trained to know where lost and found items go. I hate to say it was a woman vs. a man thing, but maybe you’re right.

    John aka OrganizingLA

  2. 🙂 Good point John! Maybe there wasn’t an enormous sign saying “items to collect” on the tub…. and who knows about the gender thing (I was being deliberately provocative!). Which really does beg the question – are women more organised than men? Or do men have it all sorted? Or is gender irrelevant?

  3. My SO had good intentions, keeping related stuff together, until he ran out of space. Then other items just went where they would fit. Not sure if that is a male trait in general though. He would also get tools out to use, and not put them back, do I would find them in the last place they were used.

    But he did know where everything was, in his head. Just didnt make a lot of sense to anyone else :-).

    If men do the organising, men can find the items they organised. If women do the organising, men cannot find anything, despite it being directly in front of them. I believe Alan Pease mentions this in one of his books.

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