Assisting bushfire victims

If you would like to donate items to aid bushfire victims, Triple R have the most needed items listed and where to donate to here. It looks like this list will be updated daily.  PLEASE NOTE:  New items or items in top top condition are essential: half used, opened, scrappy crappy stuff will be rejected, so please don’t send off-casts.  Items need to have some pride.

Big thanks to Linda at Bullleen library for taking collections today: I fetched supplies from the library (adding my own) that added up to a fat car load.

Then I went to triple R and sorted!

And then (quite unexpectedly) I travelled in the “milk truck” to Walleen to personally deliver and unload the boxes at the other end.  It was just me and the driver, Ross havachat.

Big thanks to all who donated, thought about donating but couldn’t due to the timeline, couriered stuff, bought stuff, cared, cried or sent well wishes.  Appreciated.  Much bigger reponse than I’d anticipated.

For clarity (specifically currency) I’ve deleted old comments here so you know the info is fresh.


4 responses to “Assisting bushfire victims

  1. Thanks for mentioning this in your newsletter!

    Also in great demand is new underwear: kids, men, women. Unlike other used pieces of clothing, these items are rarely donated secondhand, so people need some urgently.

    Perhaps, if anyone who plans to drop off toiletries tomorrow has a chance to buy some underwear, it would be great.

  2. Update: I just read that 7 truckloads of supplies went to Wallan thanks to Clem’s efforts – spectacular!! 7 truckloads!!!

    A big thanks to all who contributed via SORTED! with a special mention to Helen Boyle, Linda McConnell and Susan Johns.

  3. Do you know if they still need babies items ie. toys, clothing, nappies, etc. in Vic?? Also, do you know where we are meant to send them??

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