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Do you use an electronic label maker? I do, and I just purchased a standard refill tape. It was $24. $24! That seems pretty expensive to me ($3 a metre). I purchased from a large retail chain who specialise in this kind of product, and unlike printers, there are no generic options for consumables. What do you think? Are we getting ripped off? Or do you think that consumables are fair cop? Love to know your thoughts.


6 responses to “Label makers

  1. I know you are not mentioning brand names but i will LOL.

    I have had for yrs a Brother P-touch and the refills are soo expensive and were becoming harder and harder to get hold of. Big W were always sold out and as they were the cheapest i used to stalk Big W everytime i went in there. I am always able to get them from Office works but they are around the $25 mark.

    Just recently i was in K-mart and saw the Dymo label maker and it was $50 with 2 tape refills, as i was looking to buy 2 refills i figured this was as good as buying the refills for my brother p touch and the refill tapes for the Dymo are about 1/2 the price of the p-touch, from memory they are $12 but there may be someone out there that can verify that for me.

    Anyway LOVE my label maker wouldn’t be without it but now i am a Dymo labeller not a Brother hey !! as long as its labelled i don’t mind !!

  2. In the U.S., there’s a huge range in the prices for label tapes, at least the Brother TZ tapes I use (TZ231). The last time I bought them online I got 12 tapes for $142, including tax; there was no shipping fee. That was from

    Some online prices (without looking at tax and shipping), in U.S. dollars:
    $10.95 each at
    $12.90 each at
    $17.99 each at
    $17.99 each at

  3. Jeri – someone should marry you! And it might be me! You are great! And you’ve proved that a bit of shopping around will save your pennies… thanks for the heads up!

    12 tapes for $142 is impressive.

  4. Lissanne, you are so funny! 🙂

    So anyway I asked my husband for two special presents for Christmas. A Hills laundry trolley and a DYMO LetraTag label maker. So I got my wishes. Ever since reading your book, I have wanted a label maker but I didn’t want to rush out and buy one. I try to be a good budgeter. Now that it’s a gift, it’s a little bit special. And so am I! Hahaha.

  5. Hi Lisanne and everyone else,
    After reading this post a couple of weeks ago I have started to research label writers myself, especially with the price for refills in mind. And just as Jeri found out in the US, over here in the UK the prices vary tremendously as well.
    After only a short search I had a minimum price of £3.81 and a maximum price of £5.73 per roll of refill. (That would be for a Brother P-Touch refill.)
    So a little bit of homework definitely pays off.
    Now I only have to decide which labeller to choose for myself.
    I’m also working on a blogpost about labellers. It should appear shortly on my blog.

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