Get your life organized – for under $10

HOT NEWS!  Barnes and Noble are having an “after holiday sale” and the American version of my book is on sale for just USD$5.99.  And it’s a hardcover! What a STEAL!  Shipping is free if you spend $25 so you could grab a few extra as gifts and tuck them away for later in the year.


Here’s a sneak preview from the dust jacket:

What’s in your junk drawer?

After reading this book you’ll have a plan to clear the mess and reorder the rest.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Assemble your own professional organizer’s toolkit.
  • Get rid of unwanted items without the guilt of trashing them.
  • Discover the ultimate desk layout.
  • Sort that tower of paper on your dining room table, without losing your mind.
  • Create a functional junk drawer. Yes—you can have one!
  • Rotate your child’s toys to free up space and keep your kids better stimulated.
  • And tons more!

Forget what your grandmother taught you: Being organized is not about throwing everything out.  Even if the thought of straightening out your entire life makes you want to lie down with a cold rag on your forehead (ho many pairs of shoes do you own again?, start by clearing off enough shelf space for this one little book, sorted!  It will be all the motivation you need.

Don’t think you’re a “neat” person?  Not important.  According to professional organizer Lissanne Oliver, neatness if merely visual order.  True organization is efficient older: having what you need, when you need it.  Not having to waste time and money finding or replacing those errant items in your day.  You’ll have more time to enjoy your life and extra energy (and money) to pursue the activities you truly love.

With this compact collection of forty two clear, concise “recipes” for everyday use, you’ll finally find the strength to battle clutter – and your procrastination along the way – by setting realistic goals and embracing the magic of routine (aka maintenance).  Each recipe is broken into bite-sized pieces and accompanied by a list of supplier s and general time frame, step-by-step instructions, and additional tips for improved performance,  Whether you have ten minutes for a whole afternoon, no task is too great when approached in an informed and logical way.
But Oliver also goes beyond her prescriptions to discuss why organising is physiologically and spiritually rewarding.  Closets will overflow again.  Papers will accumulate.  It’s all a journey.  But with these indispensible techniques, and Oliver’s upbeat encouragement and humor, you’ll never again have to pay late fees, scramble for loose change, or buy multiple copies of that one book that keeps disappearing.

4 responses to “Get your life organized – for under $10

  1. If there is any American readers who would like to swap with me, a new US version for an original Australian version? I bought two at the same time, one for me and one as a gift but the person I got it for bought her own copy!

  2. Hi Lissanne!

    I bought your book in Borders a couple of weeks ago (a TOTAL impulse buy!) just because I saw it in the self-help/psychology section and now I think it’s the best NZ$25.50 I’ve spent in ages! I was inspired into ‘organising’ – a much better word than ‘cleaning’, I think – my room, and my mum is even raising my pocket money because she’s so impressed! I also organised my bathroom and it’s such a great feeling chucking out junk! You’ve just given me a new possible career idea!

    Thanks so much!

  3. Jessie, tell your mum she’s a sensible chick!! And kudos to you for doing something for yourself that is so feel good! Go girlfiend! Very happy my book’s been useful…. hooray!

  4. I took the first step and got the little notebook for my lists of the day. What a sanity saver. That alone was worth the price of the book. I am moving into the rest of the book and I expect that I will be saner by Chirstmas 2009. Thank you.

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