Keeping yourself tidy

I happened across this organising tip on the web a few days ago:

Keep ladles, tongs, and spatulas in place by attaching adhesive Velcro strips to both the handles and the bottom of the utensil drawer.

I’d love to know what you think?  Is this a good idea?  Or too much like undie folding?

Or, do you have a great use for velcro you can share?


14 responses to “Keeping yourself tidy

  1. OK, sounds interesting however what happens to the velcro when it gets soiled with food? At some point particles of food might not clean out of the velcro and you might have a health hazard.

  2. Sounds like a lot of work to set up and would need a re-do every so often as velcro glue wears down.
    Plus heat from cooking would possibly melt glue.
    I prefer a simple tray or divider to separate items.

    It’ is a novel approach though. I would try it with tools on a wall (screwdrivers, scrapers, pliers) rather than peg board, which is a big pain sometimes with all the stuff you have to buy for it.

  3. Thanks for your comments! I can’t envisage a drawer with so few utensils that it might work in… unless it’s a self catering property where they only have the bare essentials…. and then you’d probably want a shadow image so you know exactly which tool goes where….. oh, it’s all too hard! Just chuck your utensils in the drawer! LOL!

  4. I don’t like to say “never” to any idea, but I sure have a hard time thinking of a situation where this would make sense to me. My utensil drawer is not overcrowded, but I certainly have more utensils than I could velcro to the bottom of the drawer. And I can’t think why I would want to do that, anyway. I’m with Allison; I just use dividers of some sort.

    Lissanne, you see pegboard in garages a lot; I don’t see it too often in other places, but Julia Child used it in her kitchen.

  5. Thanks Jeri! I like your never say never approach.

    I am about to pegboard my largest wall in my kitchen – but I’m not going to use it for storage, I’m going to use it for writing sentences using those plastic letters (currently I write in pencil on the wall but it’s time for an upgrade!). I’ll post a photo one I get it finished!

  6. Hi Lisanne,

    Happy New Year!!

    Hmm, interesting idea. But I’m not quite sure if it will work. I’m thinking like a previous commenter about food particles. Also does velcro like dishwashers?

    I like subdividing your tray with a utensil tray (a drawer divider sold over here in the UK at Lakeland), works very well in our house. Was a bit of a mess before and often got stuck on opening. Now it’s really easy. I’ve also put all spatula type thingies in one segment, all baking type thingies in another and so on. That way I always know which segment to go for when I’m looking for anything in particular.

  7. That does sound just a little bit overboard! Having said that, I have made good friends with my blob of blu-tack which I use to fix my stacks of post-it notes in place…hmm, I sometimes wonder if this new organising hobby is making me a bit OCD? Hehe.

  8. I saw the title of this story and thought it was about keeping oneself tidy! Having said that, I would be interested if Lissanne or other readers had tips on how to get your health & beauty appointments organised (medical check ups, script refills, waxing, facials, etc). I find that I’m always booking last minute appointments or running to the chemist just before a holiday or occassion, when I’ve got the least amount of time!

    • Nat – that’s easy fixed. It’s all about planning. When you have your last checkup, wax, facial, haircut etc make the appointment for the next visit. You will strike an easy rythym.

      The other trick I use is to circle the date I last had a treatment eg hair cut (I don’t like getting my hair done, so avoid it) on the yearly planner at the front of my diary.

      I can then track the rough timings of when it should be done again. Very easy! Also make sure you are on the cytology register (Australia, but there may be a similar worldwide) so you will receive a postal reminder about getting your 2 yearly pap smear. You register via your GP from memory.

      Keep yourself tidy indeed!

  9. I use the hooks side of velcro pieces on the bottom of my Distress inks (craft) to attach my blending pads so that each ink has a pad when I want to do blending or inking edges. The blending pads attach to the hooks easily. But now I have leftovers of the soft side of the velcro to use on something else. Any ideas?

    • The soft side would be great underneath any item you didn’t want to scratch the surface the item was sitting on. Probably more about the surface (eg glass, perspex) than the object. Your scraps would act like those self adhesive felt pads… provided they are actually soft enough 🙂

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