SORTED! in the U.S.A.

This is the U.S. edition of my book due to be released through Barnes & Noble in January.  What do you think of the cover?and the back cover (with spine):

How does it compare to the Australian cover?

sorted-book-cover2 oops sorry this is so little


14 responses to “SORTED! in the U.S.A.

  1. Congratulations on your soon to be US release! I love the cover. I think I might even buy a copy of the American version too. 🙂 Or will that be too much clutter? Don’t you dare tell me to get rid of it Lissanne!

  2. Best wishes on the US release! Now I can actionably refer my students/clients to your book, and even “gift” it! Yay!

    The front cover is a bit Spartan, especially compared to the back. I might have chosen a colored box or perhaps shown a transition in kind of a before and after comparison between the box and a mess. (I do like those kind of boxes though.)

    Will that box speak to anyone who is not as savvy about organizing products as we are? IOW, Will the general public recognize it?

    Also, is it my imagination or is the lid on the box on a little “cockeyed”? Almost sure it’s askew, higher on the reader’s right than the left.

    On the + side, the cover is very clean-looking (albeit plain) and therefore perhaps calming to the harried soul.

    Love the back cover. (Noticed the “American” spelling of organize, too, thanks sew much!) Is the language in the book Americanized too? There were some phrases by which I was stumped.

    BTW to make your screen view larger, depress “control “and the roller on your mouse simultaneously. That’s how I examined the detail of your back cover, which I like a lot.

    Sorry you asked? 🙂

  3. Congrats, Lissanne, on the US edition release of your book. Personally, I have enjoyed reading the Australian version- it’s extra entertaining translating some of the buzz words and lingo! And somehow, when I am reading it, I hear it in your voice with your accent. 🙂
    Love your book!

  4. Hey Lauren, thanks for that! I too have heard that it’s more fun with the Aussie version – as you try and work out what a Texta, an op shop and a lever arch file is! (answer: a sharpie, a charity store, and a binder).

    But the text has been Americanised Karen… so maybe you will find it easier to understand.

    Thanks for your feedback guys!

  5. Congratulations, Lissanne!

    I like the cover just fine, although I miss having the picture of you on the cover.

    And I’m with Lauren: I’m happy to have the Aussie version, because figuring out the lingo was fun! Except for Americanizing the language, are there any other differences between the two versions?

  6. Hey Jeri! Nice to hear from you! Funny, I reckon a headshot would have been better too. I haven’t proofed the changes from one edition to the other, but I think the cover is the major, dramatic difference – as is the price! Much cheaper in the U.S., only $7.95 I hear. Bargain! Tell everyone!!

    I also agree keeping it “Aussie” was fun. I mean, we all read foreign books and we don’t understand everything – and that’s absolutely fine! You either find out, or, it’s irrelevant and really doesn’t matter. Language isn’t that hard!

  7. did you say to the yanks, a filing cabinet is a graveyard for paper, so why are you putting keys to a cabinet on the front cover. hmmm, hands on hips look.

    well done

    pleased from thornberry

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  10. my google translation of above:

    “Once I went in a bookstore, my eye has been caught by a book Lissanne Oliver. An Australian girl who helps business people to organize their work spaces..”


  11. Hi Lisanne! I come back with a blog and imported all old post! This is why the “new” post is linked here! Love your book always! I’ll learn to be organized slowly! Thank you so much!

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