shhhhh: the secret to saving money is…

Check out this great article I was part of for Nine MSN – author Allison Tait has nailed some of the secrets to having more money in your pocket!

Have you got any more great money saving ideas to share?  I’d love to hear your tips!


2 responses to “shhhhh: the secret to saving money is…

  1. No comments yet? That’s surprising.

    Anyway, walk through a shop, look, ooh and aah, walk back past the items you ooh-ed and aah-ed over, and think again. Do you really need that DVD? Or can you just rent a copy for a smidgeon of the price?

    Secondhand books. Book Crossing. Freecycle. Thrift stores (but don’t overbuy just because its cheap). Check clothes carefully to make sure they fit and are not damaged. And that you will actually wear them.

    Walk instead of drive if its a short distance. Uses less fuel, and your muffler lasts longer, and probably also your battery.

    Take lunch to work or buy a salad ready made rather than an expensive sandwich. Conversely, if you don’t cook, make lunch your main meal of the day and have less at dinner.

    Ebay – not only for purchases, but also to check prices. Also useful if you are selling items.

    Hold a garage sale after you declutter to sell your better items.

  2. Hey Kim, they’re some great suggestions, thanks. I particularly like the walk instead of drive – we all tend to get a bit lazy. “I would have walked but I was running late” is what I often hear…. sometimes saving money and getting organised go hand in hand.

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