Great organising products at IKEA

Slatthult decoration stickers – $19.95
I love these! They’re self adhesive and easy to stick on your wall. I would put a few photos inside (sticking directly to the wall using double sided tape) dry surfaces, or simply use them as frames for notes…. eg quotes you like, or aspirations you have.  Better than having special words lost in the fray of your notebook clutter!



Rationell/Variera box – $7.95
I love this transparent container; makes it easy to see what is inside. It has a handle and I can see these looking very sexy in the fridge for small jars of condiments.
Rationell/Varieria box

Rationell/Varieria box

Last, my favourite space saver EVER.
Rationall/Variera shelf insert – $7.95 for the large
and $4.95 for the small.
I call these a “shelf split” and they are GREAT for maximising space – particularly within a cupboard – eg your pantry. The version shown in my book, SORTED! is no longer created – they have replacead it with a pretty white version. They come in two sizes and are stackable. Long live Variera!


2 responses to “Great organising products at IKEA

  1. Hey Justine, IKEA don’t list all their products on their website – try phoning your local store. I think you’ll find the shelf inserts are still available…. they are definitely stocked in Richmond, Victoria (Australia). Good luck!

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