Aby Garvey’s Scrapbooking book

I was lucky enough to meet the gorgeous Aby Garvey who runs Simplify 101 at the NAPO conference in Reno. She generously donated me a signed copy of her book “the organized and inspired scrapper’ – which I know will make many of you creative scrappers jealous! Thanks Aby!

Overwhelmed by creative clutter? With 26 years of combined experience, professional scrapbooker Wendy Smedley of Simple Scrapbooks and professional organizer Aby Garvey of simplify 101 will guide you through the process of creating your very own organized and inspired workspace. Overflowing with tips, quizzes, projects, and inspired scrapbook spaces, The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker will help you define your scrapbooking approach and discover how to organize your stash in ways that support your hobby. Plus, you will learn from the beautiful spaces of Stacy Julian, Renee Pearson, and other inspiring scrapbookers

Organized scrapper

Organized scrapper

Co-written with Wendy Smedley, this book is a visual treat for scrappers around the world and has some points that resonate with me. In “getting inspired” they say:

A key component to organising is being intentional to what you bring into your space and life. “ (page 19) I agree – think hard about what you bring into your life…. wether it’s scrapbooking related or not!

Another great tip that I resonate with: “regardless of your scrapbooking approach be sure to include a final step: clean up. Getting your space back in shape after each project ensures that your workspace is always ready and waiting for you whenerver you’re inspired to create. “ (page 29)

I know some of you have completion issues – but this cleaning up stage should be part of your creative process.

But this is the most golden wisdom:
“Not convinced about paring your photos down? This about this: if you have 5,000 photos, scrapbooking them all would mean making 714 spreads (if each spread included seven photos), investing $3,570 (if each spread ost $5) and spending 1,428 hours to complete them (if each spread required two hours of work). You can’t possibly scrapbook every photo you caurrently have, not to mention those yet taken.” (page 37)

ouch! that’s it, I’m chucking half my photos!

Finally, “determine what’s working and what’s not” (page 59) is a key philosophy of mine: if it works, even if it feels less than perfect, leave it well alone. 🙂

For more scrapping wisdom, check out Aby’s blog: http://www.creativeorganizing.typepad.com/


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  1. Hey Skye


    AUD$49.95 flat postage rate for Australia $6.95

    USD$13.57 freight from USD$4.99


    USD$19.95 (members price is $15.96) shipping from $19.98

    Gosh, aren’t I nice to do all that research for you?! 🙂 lucky I’m organised!

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