The language of decluttering

I love the language of decluttering….. some of my favourites are:

  • gone baby, gone!
  • chucked
  • piffed
  • gone to god
  • send out to the universe
  • kiss it goodbye
  • let go
  • relinquished
  • demoted
  • done and dusted

I’m sure there’s more ways to say goodbye…… what are some of your faves?


24 responses to “The language of decluttering

  1. I love “turfed”, “biffed” & “Heaved”
    Great post Lissanne, these crack me up.

  2. osta is spanish for see you later… short for osta la vista baby ala: arnold in terminator. however lissanne, i may be spelling it wrong because this little american took french instead of spanish….. hmmm maybe i should have taken the queen’s english instead- you are quite cheeky 😉
    ~au revoir, k

  3. oh chica (girlfriend in spanish!)… just looked up cheeky and wanted to make sure indeed I don’t have a cultural gap going… because offensive you are not… sausy + bold yes!

  4. Donating to the universe (otherwise known as random dumping on to the nature strip)
    hotspots (borrowed from FlyLady)
    static mess
    moving mess

  5. Blessing someone else – flylady again
    out for the garbage sale!

  6. I love a good “purge”, but “tossed”, “released” and “liberated” are also used at our place.

  7. this is great!
    My favourites are

    and my mantra ‘don’t be afraid of the bin…or charity shop, or family donation or …you get the idea

  8. My SIL and I call it “doing the chuck”, as in “I did the chuck today and took four car loads to the Salvo’s!”
    LOL…Funny how we all have our own little terminology!

  9. HI Lissane, first time to blog,

    We use piffed. And

    Gone to God,
    In Memoriam. etc etc

  10. At my workplace we have a process to prevent the accumulation of clutter and items that are just not needed. It is called “6S” and it stands for Sort, Straighten, Shine, Safety, Standardize and Sustain. Around the office one often hears others talking about a “6S Event” or “You should see my files after I “6Sed” them”. In another workplace, I had also heard “pitch” when referring to tossing an item into the trash/recycle.

  11. It’s time for this to ‘gee oh’ i.e go
    take a trip to vinnies
    have a clean-out
    ‘if you can’t find it, Mum’s probably tossed it’

  12. Me, I am learning to ‘free’ stuff – I no longer need to protect it from the universe, it can live its own life and find new home to love and cherish it!

    So I guess, yes, ‘Gone to a New Owner’ is something I’ve been letting stuff do for a while, just without realising.

  13. Hoick. Deep six (as in 6 feet under). Out the Door. Toss. Ditch. File it in the bin. Chuck it (out). Bin it. Donate to Sallies (or Vinnies Boutique). Freecycle. Boot it out the door.

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