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Organize MagazineI have a year’s worth of Organize magazine to give away. They are pre loved – I have enjoyed scanning them, but now they are just CLUTTER in my office! To win all five copies, all you need to do is tell me what area of your home or office you absolutely must get under control in fifty words or less by posting your comment here! (Bear in mind that if you submit an entry under “anonymous” I won’t be able to reach you if you’re the winner!) One entry per person please. Most creative and unusual entry wins. Entries close 5pm Friday 5th June (Australian EST). Good luck!

STOP PRESS: I’ve extended the closing date by a week – you can now enter up until Friday 13th June (5pm (Australian EST).  Cheers!


76 responses to “Organize Magazine

  1. I need to organize my bedroom i moved from a 4 bed house to a 2 bed house and i have that much stored in my room i need to get it undercontrol as i have all my crafts and paperwork as well as my clothes etc.

  2. I am currently sitting UNDER my desk!

    That is the only place in the study there is any room to do anything. The keyboard is on my lap! The shredder’s on full throttle. I am really trying to get organised and would love some inspiration from your Organize Mags!

    Thanks for your blog
    A chilly Melbournian!

  3. My WHOLE HOME is filled with clutter,
    and I don’t know where to start,
    I wake up overwhelmed every morning
    and it nearly breaks my heart,

    My 3 children are so precious
    and so too is my time,
    Maybe your 5 magazines
    will be a helpful first LIFELINE???

  4. We are a young family of six with way too many belongings stuffed into a SMALL three bedroom house. Between the childrens toys, my books and my paperwork, the house continually looks overcrowded and messy. It is hard to feel positive when the house is full of clutter.

  5. Hi Lissanne, well I was going to enter this and say my hubby’s garage is in dire straits ….I don’t have to explain as you’ve seen it first hand! (he’s actually started getting into the cleaning up though, shock horror), but after reading Emma’s post I think she needs to win to get herself out from under that desk…hehe!

  6. Nice to hear from you Rondelle… I was wondering how you were getting on when I was scrapping on Sunday!

    You are right, the competition is stiff, but I know more entries are on their way, so there’s no winner *just yet*!!

  7. I desperately need your help. My 24yr old son’s clutter habits are driving me to the bin.If I don’t make his bed after washing the sheets he just sleeps on the bare mattress.His room looks like the tip.He is trying to take over the house with his disorganisation.He now owns a small business and is slowly taking over everyones office as well. Help

  8. I definitely have the hoarding gene so it’s really hard to let go of things. I like to make things and I have a ginormous (is that a word) amount of craft and sewing supplies that are taking over my spare bedroom (which also has to fit a set of bunk beds). I definitely need help!

  9. I live in a small unit and have a houseful of clutter in my lounge/dining room. I want to be able to invite my friends and family around and not have to make excuses again and feel embarassed. Also my husband will breathe a big sigh of relief, thanks.

  10. Any help to get me better organised would be a godsend-my study has turned into a clutter clearer’s paradise-just dont know where to start-and can just manage to get into the room…..just.Please…help!!!…….(cries a little voice from inside my study-oh wait a minute thats the little voice in my head.)

  11. I come from a long line of hoarders. My living room is currently buried under boxes and bags of stuff I’ve “saved” from my parents home of 58 years.
    Now I have to organise (throw out?) my old clutter in order to fit in the new!!

  12. I have a serious medical condition!!! I am a chronic hoarder with a magnetic attraction to pieces of paper. I have the Harry Potteresque ability to multiply one piece of paper into hundreds! My ‘read later’ and ‘must keep’ piles continually grow. Any cure would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Being diagnosed with Post Natal Depression has left me feeling unable to tackle the mounting clutter throughout our home. With a two year old, six month old and a small business which relies on organisation; I need all the advice and ideas I can get to see through the chaos!

  14. Recently married, our home is entering a new ‘shake down’ period where we are attempting to marry his things (he has great taste but is a minimalist and loves his gadgets), mine (I am a bowerbird) and my teenage sons things (he’s an army cadet who would rather play playstation than clean)

  15. My study is half kitchen half office and half study area! Kitchen renovations (13 weeks and counting) mean I have the entire pantry contents, cupboard contents cohabiting with my uni marking, bill paying and web browsing centre. Mr Hart – what a mess!! I need to get sorted.

  16. We installed brand new wardrobes in every bedroom and I thought it would solve my storage problems. But lo and behold, I still can’t seem to use the space well. There is hanging space, drawers and shelving but it looks like I’ve crammed things in all the wrong places.

  17. I need INDUSTRIAL H-E-L-P! I recently changed jobs from city-dressing to suburban-factory-sloth and can’t bear to get rid of my designer clothes. I now have more clothing than you could point a wardrobe at – not to mention the shoes and more shoes! Well! I had to change from heels to flatties, didn’t I? I live in a dinky 2 bedroom unit – barely enough room to swing a cat, let alone a wardrobe! I now pay more than half my salary in rent and am forced to share just to live! I really need HELP to get “ORGANIZED” so my new flatmate doesn’t have to sleep on the ceiling!

  18. I almost feel like I shouldn’t enter because I have a pretty organised house, well actually I’m a bit anal about it all (so is my husband yay!!) but I just salivate over magazines like that….. (but I’m too tight to buy them!!) I love all those shops too that cater for your storage needs, you know the ones I’m talking about… I’m in heaven when I visit them!! (Told you I was a bit anal…) Good luck to everyone who enters your competition.

  19. We have 3 kids, a million toys and two adults in a 3 bedroom house, I am a part time student and also a very crafty girl, I need to organise my sewing stuff which is taking over the dining room, and my text books for college which are spread over the house!

  20. I would LOVE the Organize magazines for ideas and help as on the surface my house seems clutter free but don’t open that spare room door, don’t open the wardrobes or linen closet or pantry! The ugly truth lies behind the doors I am afraid and I need help!

  21. I have the good fortune to have a Scraproom/artroom but it is so poorly organised that I still take my gear out to the living room to scrap/bead/craft. Drives my husband crazy – he removed the “S” from my door leaving it a “craproom”.

  22. If I was more organized I would have been able to find my way to my computer – it was somewhere under the piles of assignments, crafts, old toast and cold cups of coffee – and replied to this email before the due date! Mind you Lissanne I think you need a new calendar – 5th of June was a Thursday!!

  23. Our kitchen is probably the worst spot for untidyness. We have a small kitchen, a lot of appliances (my hubby is an ex-chef) and a lot of foodstuff. We live in a small country town and go elsewhere to do a huge shop, so we need space to store all of our supplies. I’d dearly love some help with regards to getting the maximum amount of storage out of a small area. HELP !!!

  24. My home office is a nightmare! No sooner do I attempt to sort through the mountains of paper (I’m serious), I get distracted so it never gets done – just keeps growing. I can’t find anything and the worst is I set up a beautiful filing system but nothing gets filed!

  25. Organise? Sort? De-Clutter? I’m at a loss – where do I begin. I go from one room to another, survey the problem, the task becomes overwhelming and daunting, and I need to leave the room and take a breath! I’m sure I’ve got room for everything but …. doesn’t look like it. Help me, please!

  26. I am so relieved that it is only 5 copies as I don’t want any more clutter!!!!Thanks to you Lissane I am getting sorted, even if it is slowly. I had never really thown anything out or given to the op shop until I met you. It is a learning process. I can’t compete with those other people, but feel so at home reading their entries. I realise that I am over the 50 word limit so have just disqualified myself.!!!
    Mmm a bit like clutter. I can’t help it sometimes!!!

  27. I need to get control over my dining table (eat in kitchen) as it has become a home for items in transit (kids drawings, tape dispenser, laundry pegs, batteries etc). Occassionally it is 100% clear and i would like that to be the norm.

  28. Thankyou for extending your closing date for this comp!
    Day in and Day out I keep saying I have to clean this mess/clutter up. I truely DONT know where to start, how do people manage a home, children, activities the list goes on and on. I obviously am not organised in the home I can only ask for help?

  29. Everywhere is clutter we had 6 kids 3 teens and 3 under 3 and continually sorting toys books clothes,but none of them can get thrown out (hand me downs) anytime i have ,is cleaning folding cooking..bedrooms are a mess please helpppppppp !!!!I’m drowning in folding

  30. Looking after 2 year, 4 year & 10 month old boys, their father, and running the house & business affairs. I can’t seem to get on top of things after having my first child. These magazines will inspire me to get myself back to where I used to be….organised!!

  31. Baby, I can’t park my car
    unless I risk a giant scar
    my garage is junk resevoir
    Organise, I want you!

  32. I have just donated a years worth of magazines to the school after you told me if its older than 12 months it should go!
    Actually that was 3 monthly subscriptions (which I have also culled).
    I now have room for yours.

  33. I must confess
    My desk’s a huge mess.
    I’d love to see it’s top
    but the paperwork does never stop.
    Bits of paper all over the place,
    Lisanne you could be my saving grace.
    Please send your magazines to me
    They may just help to set me free!

  34. The Romantic haven that is meant to be the main bedroom isnt, it is the dumping grounds of everything there is barely a path around the bed and this does extend to the other parts of the house…i need buckets of inspiration and hopefully the mags will help.

  35. I have created two bombsites- my office at work and this house, in particular the spare room. BUT THE CRISIS: I have 5 weeks to clear the latter before my Very Best riend, who’s never visited me at home, arrives. HELLLLP!

  36. We really need to get the bedrooms under control, as they are full of clutter. We have so much clutter that we lost the dog in one of the rooms, and I bought a de – cluttering book and then lost that in the clutter too! Help!!

  37. The desk which sits in the lounge room. At this time it has a desktop computer, a sewing machine, a huge pile of papers, cd’s that I have done backup’s to, recipes that need to be be tried and filed, payslips, sewing patterns (the list is acually quite endless of what is on my desk)

  38. Was going to be creative but decided the facts speak for themselves; My husband me plus 6 kids. We have bought land but at this stage cannot afford to build dream home so are putting up a 7m x 7m 2 bedroom cottage…HELP

  39. In 3 months I have to go into hospital and, in case I die, I’d like to leave things tidy. My friends will want to come to my house to look after The Labradors. Sad, but true…..

  40. Oh, Harcourti! I am so sad if the Labradors need looking after! (we had a beautiful labby, Chicko, when I was growing up). But I must give you points for PLANNING! Planning makes up some of the crucial skill set required for organising, so you are on the right track. Nothing like a timeline to get things done!

  41. My BF Michael is moving in and in discussing our combined ‘stuff’ I asked where he things we should store his bike (and accompanying blokey accessories), to which he of course replied, “Which one?” I say, “you mean you have more than one?!”. Guess how many?


    P.S. we live in an apartment. Bless

  42. I’m studying primary teaching and my office is unworkable! I don’t have time to sift through rubble daily! Lisanne, rewards and change would be plenty if I had your pre-loved magazines! Promise! For the other three rooms too! I will even write a before, during and after email! Please, please!

  43. I fly back home tonight, after 4 years travelling, entire house is in boxes, but want to put some organisation planning before I embark unpacking.
    Gleaning ideas from your collection, but: Within 3 weeks they will be on Melbourne Freecycle so someone else can get the use of them

  44. I sit at my desk, open my laptop & reach for a pen. I scribble a note in my funky note pad. The file I’m working on neatly is on my desk beside me. Everything in it place. I begin to focus on my latest project.
    Beep, beep, beep….I eyes fly open……….NOOOO! It was just a dream! 😦

  45. My friend – truly it IS my friend not me – is suffering from depression, has become a recluse and refuses anyone from coming into her home because she’s embarrassed by the clutter. She says it’s disgusting. Her daughter has left home which is adding to her burden. Perhaps, just perhaps, if she could get a bit of inspiration from your magazines she might be able to start the ball rolling to get her home back into some semblence of order. And make it an attractive place for her daughter to return to. I don’t like to invade her space but I could pop them in her mail box and leave the decision to do something with them up to her.
    Thanks for your thoughtful offer and I’m sure who ever wins your magazines will be deserving and grateful.

  46. My whole home is a minefield of clutter, I can’t find anything and if I do it’s usually broken, my cd collection is full of duplicates, my daughter has a small isle to get to and from her bed, the spare room is so full that I can’t even get in the door, you name it I live with it, even the dog ran away to get away from all the clutter, PLEASE HELP ME.

  47. It’s my head that I need to get under control. My avoidance of making any decision has led me to bring back to Melbourne box loads of Aussie magazines that I was subscribed to while living overseas. Things have to change.

  48. Hi Lissanne

    I’m not deserving of your collection but do have a question. I love this mag and had bought one issue form my local newsagent and promptly ordered any more that would come in the future. After months of chasing it down the newsagent has informed me that the publisher is no longer bringing it into Australia. After contacting the mag about paying extra to get it sent out here I was told “NO”. Do you have any ideas for me on how to obtain future copies?

    Many Thanks


    BTW -Love your work!

  49. After a marriage breakdown I am now renting a small house with my 2 kids (and dog!). I have to tackle over 60 unpacked boxes and I don’t know where to start! I work full time so I really need to GET ORGANISED. HELP!

  50. Hey Alycia, I don’t know any way that you can get Organize here in Australia, I received a year’s subscription but had major delays in receiving issues in a timely fashion (along with others I know who rec’d same subscription). My only suggestion is that you find a pal in the U.S. who can purchase it locally and post it to you…. sorry I can’t be of more help. Cheers!

  51. Hi Lissanne

    I am doing my MA in a study I share with my daughter and the dog. My papers and books exploded over the room when writing a very short essay. The rest of the tiny house is a disaster. Lissanne, I need all the help I can get!


  52. Hi Lissanne
    Well I can just get to the bed in my bedroom and I cant even get in the door of my second bedroom, its so funny, I have to laugh otherwise I will cry BUT I have been trying to get rid of things, its just that I have a LOT OF THINGS, regards, deb

  53. Hi Lissanne,
    Have enjoyed and must say benefited from your website so I would love to peruse your magazines. My home environment is well organised and feedback from my work collegues is that they love coming into my office as everything has a place and this environment is calming for them during stressfull times. The reason that I am hoping to secure your collection, is for the mums that come in to my work. We have a parents group and the magazines would join a collection that will be available not just for one person but for the whole community to read and be inspired, just like I was in the beginning.

  54. Hi Lissanne
    What do I need to get under control in my office? Apart from me, it is the mountains of paper relating to the various organisations I am active in, my civic role in our town, our business etc etc. A real wakeup call came when a member of our local Fire Brigade called to see me about something. He took one look and said my office is a fire hazard! I would love some copies of your magazine – not to add to the paper load but to try to get rid of a lot of it!

  55. I have lived in the same house for 34 years and now have that many years of clutter to sort through. I have even seen a hypnotherapist about my problem and nearly got my head around it when I got sick with a kidney problem. I need those Organised magazines to give me a kick start again.

  56. I have uncontrollable “CCC” – compulsive clutter cyndrome. HOWEVER, I am very good with my clutter. In fact I collect books, magazines, and websites on how to ‘organise’ my clutter :-D. I even have home magazines (with fantastic ideas) dating back to 2004 awaiting cataloging! But I have never heard of this “Organise” magazine. Hmm… I think I’d better look into it quicksmart. Beginning with 2008 would be nice! Thanks for a great comp!

  57. I mentor people going into small business. I am a pretty organised person myself but I am always looking for information that I can use and pass on to my clients. The more organised they are, the more they achieve and the greater their confidence. I am passionate about being organised!

  58. We downsided and moved into our new home 5 years ago into a house similar to a townhouse. I was really happy to move into this house as it has heaps of cupboard space etc, however that is a bad trap because we have too much hidden space and stuff gets stored in it.
    We have not had been able to organise our home. Our daughter moved out soon after and stayed out, but not without leaving heaps of her stuff here. Our son got married and has now moved back with even more stuff. Each weekend I wake up, walk into every room and see mess. I then think I will tackle that room today, however something always crops up.
    I need help desperately and would love to win your Organised magazines to help me make some headway.

  59. When we got robbed the police looked at our toy room and said “jeez they made a mess of this room didn’t they” – I just agreed – there was no way the poor theives could have waded through the junk and made it out alive – I am one child down – he went in for a thomas train last week and still hasn’t returned! Help me!

  60. Hi Lissanne,

    I desperately want to get control of many places, my office need a filing system that works and I can find something again after it has been filed. my walk in robe, my 6 yr old daughters toys and stuff taking over the rest of the house and my teenage 15yr old daughter (intell impared) needs some organising in her room as everything lands on a chair,desk or floor until I pick it up….still trying to convince hubby, maybe magazines will help

  61. There is a need for ‘Hoarding Anonymous’
    Oh why, oh why do we hoard?
    Is is to stop us being bored?
    No room to spare not even the ceilings bare
    But one more book can fit into that nook
    One day maybe I’ll find my baby!
    When I clean up all my hoard…….

  62. For the past 10 years we’ve been renovating on and off and i’ve attempted several times to get the house organised but to no avail and I keep making excuses but in actual fact i don’t know where to start. But now my 8 year old daughter has started hoarding everything from when she was a baby ’til now and won’t let anything go and I’m having issues with myself now of how am I going to help her if I can’t help myself. Even if it’s not to throw her things away but to organise them better and the rest of the 9 rooms that we have. I’ve read a couple of organising books which made sense but overwhelming to put in action, I need inspiration that there is a light at the end of the heap and a flick of a good mag may hopefully help me chip away at it.

  63. i just want to share with everyone how sad I am…After a loooong first semester in my post grad of masters in primary teaching, suffering anxiety and having a house which is a pigsty due to not having time to clean it….i am actually starting to salivate over the idea that this friday is my last day of semester for 5 weeks…this means I can organise more! as i did last holidays. this is a disorder in itself. my out of control habits have got me so drab and down that i am now WANTING/NEEDING to get this place in order *sigh*. Lissanne, I’ve even been carrying your book around with me for the last three weeks…even to have dinner with friends haha. I just can’t wait. thanks for such a fantastic book, it really is wonderful! As i’ve said to many people….your ideas are simple….and your ideas are things we know we need to do…but for people like ‘us’ (hoarders) to have the ideas in one cute sized book and step by step room by room…it just makes the unmanageable task seem so achievable. just what I needed! PS – i picked your book up at the airport and you travelled around vietnam with me, and i think i’ve probably ended up getting you around 50 sales through that 🙂

  64. O h please help me
    R est with my
    G arage not
    A ngry and
    Nasty but
    I gniting
    Z ealous
    E njoyment!!!!

  65. Hi there, Let’s share the love(and this giveaway!) I’d love a copy of the magazine that focusses on moving house!! Help, we’re leaving Melb and moving down the Bellarine peninsula – and I haven’t moved for 15 years (oh, and I didn’t have children then, and 8 years worth of their “stuff”). Those cupboards fulll of (very unorganized) hidden horrors must now see the light of day and be purged and sorted and I don’t know where to begin…..

  66. gosh.. we waste years of our lives worrying about what to do with the tip we have created called home..somewhere under all the detritus there lies an artisitc..creative..colourful..warm.. inviting home..and I do miss it.. Organize.. will you help the needy..because I was once greedy!

  67. OK I will be honest too. I am with Kathy June 7, if I won I would salivate over them too then pass them on to a worthy friend. I clean houses ans I am always passing on tips.

  68. I love learning how to make life easier, and I’m sure that your magazines have lots of interesting articles. After reading the comments above, I’d like to tell you how I have been using a timer & affirming “YOU CAN DO ANYTHING FOR 15 MINUTES”. Make a note of what needs to be done around the house – set the timer and work in 1 area until it goes off, move to the next area & restart it to do another 15min session. After 3x15min sessions, rest for 15min while you have a drink of water etc. Once you have spent 15min in each area needing attention, you can return to areas that haven’t been completed, but remember to take your breaks.

    Don’t try to do everything in one day, it didn’t get like that overnight. If you’re working you can do 15min each day before or after work on some area that’s bothering you. When clearing clutter take rubbish out to the bin at the end of 15min & put the items to be given away i.e. to the op-shop in your car. I work in an area where our service relies on volunteers who are mainly retired, so when I clear out my magazines and books I take them in as many of them just can’t afford to buy them – they really appreciate it and usually everything is gone by lunch-time.

    I still have a lot of clearing out to do, but this has really helped me, especially when I don’t know where to start. A website that I have found really useful, is, it is full of tips & ideas that can help in many areas of life.

    Sorry this is so long, but I hope this information can help some of your readers, I understand how they are feeling I’ve been there.

  69. So many great entries! Well done everyone…. Thanks for your ideas Suzanne, but I want to warn readers that if you subscribe, Flylady sends a lot of emails, so it might not be helping reduce your clutter so much – it might be adding to it!

  70. Lissanne came and conquered at my place. However I’m sorry to say that box of my daughter’s Angelique’s 2yrs worth of art stuff is still sitting there. I just love it. I was trying to do the 1hr per day rule but that doesn’t work, so perhaps the15 min a day rule will!
    I’m such a sentimentalist…
    PS. As least I don’t collect magazines! i also give them to people who will enjoy them.

  71. Ok… time for a winner!

    The decision was incredibly difficult due to the very high standard of entries… I was very impressed with the quality of entries. Thank you all for taking the time to enter – I sincerely wish I could give you all the mags. I had a loooooooong short list of possible winners, it was a tight comp!

    But after enlisting the help of my off-sider, Kathryn, we decided that Emma’s story of sitting under a desk was the winner! So Emma, congratulations, the mags are on their way to you. Sorry to all those who missed out.

    Maybe Emma can recycle the mags after she’s done and we can share the love a little more 🙂

  72. Lissanne
    Overwhelmed and thrilled! Thank you so much. As I mentioned to you I have never won anything before except my husband’s and baby’s hearts. I can hardly believe it.

    My desk is now vastly improved, although far from perfect and in spite of the fact that I am currently able to type in relative comfort from my chair with keyboard on my lap I fear that I may soon end up back under the desk keyboard, printer, monitor et al! I have to now paint the desk.

    Little things, little steps forward are sure to win over this battle in the end. I will not relent and with your wonderful chubby little book and 5 fabulous Organize Magazines I am well on the way.

    Yippeee Hooray for competitions. Thanks again.


    Now where’s the shredder hiding? Gottya, ya little monkey behind the sofa – what?!

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