Apartment Therapy Giveaway

me stalking Apartment Therapy in NYC

I had the pleasure of meeting Maxwell from Apartment Therapy NYC yesterday. I donated two copies of my best-selling book SORTED! to AT readers – check out the link here.

Thankfully, Maxwell doesn’t mind stalkers (nor did any other of the lovelies at AT).

If you’re wanting organising/organizing tips AND design solutions, this is Maxwell’s terrific book: apartment therapy the eight step home cure. 2-28-cover2


5 responses to “Apartment Therapy Giveaway

  1. Brandie – I’m writing from Sydney just to prove I still love getting on a plane outta Melbourne! Maybe growing up in a travelling household (I lived in Hong Kong and Malaysia as a child) has had an impact.

    Actually, I take the above comment back. I love getting on a plane BACK to Melbourne…. maybe that’s my motivation. There’s no place like home!

  2. Lovely feedback from Ruth, winner of the Apartment Therapy book:

    I was the thrilled recipient of Apartment Therapy’s book giveaway – this was a badly needed boost! I am in sore need of sorting to put it mildly and I nearly devoured this easy to read and easy to absorb book.

    It is inspiring, clear and gave me the push I needed with easy to follow tips.

    Thank you Lisanne for all your help!


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