More about NAPO

I don’t want to seem lazy but I confess the two best posts written about NAPO conference in Reno, Nevada, U.S.A. have already been written (DAMN THOSE ORGANISED NAPO BLOGGERS!). I’d love you to check out their reports – lots of good links to very valuable info from organising/organizing experts:

Awesome links to guru bloggers – you will LOVE the organising tips and info – from the delightful, spunky, brown eyed Brandie Kajino of fame

and from my NAPO room-mate and blogger extraordinaire, Jeri Dansky, on the dirt on the fabulous Peter Walsh, former Aussie and organising guru. Peter is the author of “it’s all too much” and “does this clutter make my arse look fat”… ok, it’s really “..butt look fat”. Peter is also in with the in crowd – Oprah!

If only I were more organised and got to this comprehensive reporting sooner! LOL! Well, I might have had I been near a computer over the past three days!


2 responses to “More about NAPO

  1. Consider yourself way ahead of the game… I am just now getting the chance to start digging into to all the great blogs from our little meeting. I read quite a few blogs and I was excited to be adding my new famous Aussie friends to my blogroll! Look forward to watching your blog Lissanne…

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