Wendy Harmer’s ‘Stuff’

Premiering tonight on ABC TV (Australia) at 8pm is comedian Wendy Harmer’s four part series, Stuff. It examines our relationship with our physical stuff – tonight, “our stuff”, then “my stuff” “their stuff” and “stuffed”. More info here Love the ABC! (Thanks to everyone who called and emailed me to let me know it was on. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but I’ve known about the series since it went into development 18 months ago!)
UPDATE Just watched the first ep – great stuff (no pun intended). Favourite bits – seeing Dr Michael Kyrios again, he was the keynote speaker at our first AAPO conference in 2006, and the golden comment from the environmentalist who quipped “the earth has to pay” for our consumerism. But the absolute highlight, hands down, was the beautiful comments from the blokes in jail… who all gave examples like “picking up my daughter from school” really bringing home what matters. Anyone who’s familiar with my philosophies knows that I don’t object to stuff – and am not a minimalist. I simply believe that there are times that our relationship with stuff is the real issue. What do you think? Did you see the show?


3 responses to “Wendy Harmer’s ‘Stuff’

  1. I can’t find any downloads on the ABC’s website… but maybe they will repeat it later in the year? Still three eps to go anyway, so you’ve only missed a little bit!

  2. FWIW, I didn’t get much from the first episode of Stuff, so whoever missed it, didn’t miss very much. The next three epsiodes were compelling however. It was kind of scary how much I am like some of the people profiled. Today, the pizza coupons. Tomorrow, my computer desk.

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