SORTED! book / A Current Affair on Channel 9

Thanks to all who’ve been in touch since tonight’s story on my book on A Current Affair on Channel 9. If you’re looking for a copy of SORTED! the ultimate guide to organising your life – once and for all then go to: It’s a bargain at $20 plus P&P! So many answers to so many organising woes!


4 responses to “SORTED! book / A Current Affair on Channel 9

  1. Hi Lissanne, I finally got my hands on a copy of your wonderful book Sorted. I read it cover to cover in 1 night and was eager to try some of your ideas. On saturday I took this book to a friends house and we decluttered her office, repainted the entire room and threw out some 14 bags of unwanted paper work. She was very thankful of me and she said it has made her business life and personal life some much easier to manage. She knows where everything is and found some very important papers. I will be implemting some of the great ideas in my own office.
    Thanks again.

  2. Well done, Katrena! I have a similar story. However, I thought six bags of shredded paper was some sort of record. It felt like you wrote the book about me, Lissanne. I have some old Oslo train timetables that I just can’t throw out. At least now I have a home for them. 🙂 I was motivated enough by your book and an episode of Oprah, it took the whole weekend but I finished. I decluttered my office at home and I feel really, really GOOD!

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