Organising kids

I want to share an great idea that Sharon wrote to me with:

“Am only half way through reading your book, and loving it.  I have just collected my 7 and 9 year old daughters from separate sleepovers and am having to call each house and request that forgotten items be sent to school tomorrow with my daughters’ friends. I had a bright idea to hopefully prevent this from continuing to occur.

Use a large baggage tag or plastic delegate name holder available from large newsagents. On a piece of paper which will slip inside the tag, make a list of all the items your child is wearing to the sleepover, and anything included in their overnight bag (e.g., toothbrush, hairbrush, 3 pairs of panties, teddy, rigid red headband, sleeping bag, pillow, blue jeans, yellow PJs etc). This way, the child can check their belongings as they are placed in the bag, or the adult (friend’s mother or grandparent) helping the child can be sure that everything brought to the house is leaving the house. This also saves time for the collecting mother, and reduces the time it takes to extract the visiting child from the friend’s house, which is always an agonising experience for everyone.

Have a good week Lissanne. Thanks to your book, I will be starting mine a little more organised than I was last week.”

2 responses to “Organising kids

  1. Hi Lissane,

    Just got around to reading your newsletter and wanted to share an idea I’ve recently come up with for organising kids toys that have many pieces.

    Mesh laundry bags, designed for washing hosiery and lingerie, make good storage bags for toys with many parts. I have a toddler and it is great to put wooden jigsaws, Little People scenes etc in their own bag. It allows us to focus on one (or just a few) toys at once, and it makes it much easier to keep track of all the pieces.

  2. Hi Lissanne.

    My husband and I have two children. Kealey aged 4 and Zane nearly 2.

    As you can imagine, the toys do add up. We invested in two IKEA Expedit bookcases (2 cubes wide by 4 cubes high).

    The kids each have 4 baskets in their cubes which are filled with their sorted toys. For ex: 1 basket for Bratz Dolls, 1 basket for jewllery, 1 for trucks/cars etc. Both of the kids have all of their favourite books in their cube for easy access.

    These cubes not only keep their rooms looking clean and fantastically sorted, but allow for easy access and more importantly easy return of their belongings!!!!!

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