The four F’s

Need to get organised? Need to sort your paperwork? Let me show you the “four F’s to sort paperwork (an extract fromm my book, SORTED! the one with ‘recipes’ for organising) Here’s all the answers to your organising problems! It first went to air on ABC radio 10/10/07. I’ll also tell you how to organise your photos and get a grip on interruptions at work.


2 responses to “The four F’s

  1. SORTED has to have been the best Xmas gift ever.
    I live with the long term effects of a head injury. A major bit that gets lost is the ability to sort, to remember where things go and how to keep order in one’s environment & head space. I can get my head around your clear straightforward recipes in a way I’ve struggled to achieve for years. The living space is coherent at last, and the 4 F’s are written bold over the flick-it recycling bin(directly under the family diary!)
    I feel like an adult again.
    I’d like to get SORTED out there as an essential in the recovery kit of every head injured person and the toolkit of every occupational therapist who works with brain injury.
    BTW wonder if you have a filing plan geared up for a household at home pls, as the examples in the book are for a business.

  2. Thanks Kuini – great feedback! I’m stoked to hear what you’ve achieved with my book! Kudos to you!

    I will look at how to get more copies to those with ABIs… it’s a great suggestion.

    With regard to the filing map for a household, simply create your own. The reason a business filing plan was included as it’s more comprehensive – simply scale back the categories for home. Eg, could simply be two key categories… Financial and Lifestyle…. I reckon you can work it out 🙂

    Keep up the good work!!

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