L.A. Organizing Blog and Organizing on T.V

I am enjoying the postings of John Trosko of OrganizingLA. I particularly LOVE this post about how long it *really* takes to create organising TV programmes. Having worked as a presenter on Australian TV, I know first hand the long hours involved to create even just a few minutes of television. John’s post talks about Monica Ricci contributing between 85-100 hours per make-over/episode of Clean House – that’s all the meetings, sourcing products, client liasion, hands on work, on camera presenting etc. I can relate to that- it’s an accurate figure. Organising takes time! Working as a presenter, a 12 hour day (with minimal breaks) is standard. A long-ish day is 14 or 16 hours… but almost twenty years ago, when I worked as a production assistant on TV commericals, I once worked 22 hours straight on a big budget shoot. Never again!

One response to “L.A. Organizing Blog and Organizing on T.V

  1. Lissanne, isn’t it nutty how long things take in tv?? I just taped a sixty second piece for my web site’s home page and between hair, makeup, technology and getting it just right, it took over two hours. My ten-minute lesson podcasts, although only ten to thirteen minutes in length, each take about an hour. Thanks for the bump!

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