recipes for organising

sorted-book-cover2Well, my little book (small, but fat) has arrived from the printers. It contains over 250 organising tips – as well as truths, techniques and lots of how-tos … I think you’ll love it! The how-to’s are just like recipes (clever!) cover everything from work and paper to on the go and living. The publishers think this book will “transform your life”. I just think it’s practical and inspiring! but I would say that, wouldn’t I?

In stores October 10th, you will also be able to purchase a signed copy direct from (even better, go to and sign up for my free monthly newsletter so you’ll be first to know as soon as they’re available…. next month we’re going to have a couple of new products too! Hooray!


3 responses to “recipes for organising

  1. And this review from Luke:
    It genuinely is a cool book, with the “recipes” easy to follow and broken down into easily digestible chunks. When you adopt one of the systems, it’s not hard to commit to and maintain, because it’s almost always easier than what you’re doing now.

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