pencil project

pencil_ProjectThe Pencil Project run by VicSuper is a great way to recycle old pens and pencils!

Through the work of Rotary (who have a long-standing focus on literacy) The Pencil Project assists the education of children in Zimbabwe. In the excess of our first world comfort, it’s hard to imagine that schooling could be hampered by a lack of the most basic tool – something to write with.

If you have pencils, crayons or chalk to spare, they’d love to receive them. VicSuper gratefully accept both new and pre-loved pencils, crayons, chalk, sharpeners and erasers (they cannot accept pens, textas or books).

more here

No doubt this is a great project, but as stationery is one of the most hoarded items, I’m curious to know what’s in your office that you know you should get rid of but haven’t??


3 responses to “pencil project

  1. great idea and a way for me to get rid of most of the stationary i have and will find as I declutter my flat.

  2. Nooooooo!!!!!! I will donate money to them – but not my stationary!! (Peta dashes off to look admire her Sharpie collection)

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