I’ve been loving reading a great blog in the U.S. by Jeri – “JD Organiser”. (Her name reminds me of JD Salinger… of Catcher in the Rye fame!) This posting 10 ways to find new homes for books reminded me of the very cute bookcrossing project. I first heard about bookcrossing about five years ago. The idea is that unwanted books are ‘released into the wild’ and their location posted on the website. So, if you want to ‘catch’ a book, you simply check the website for a location near you and go book hunting! Everyone wins: books are recycled in the quirkiest and most adventurous fashion. I’ve never caught a book this way, but I’m off to Tassie today, so I will be checking for Wild Taswegian Beasts, er, I mean Books…..


2 responses to “bookcrossing

  1. snow domes…i first saw your impressive storage system, built by your dad?, in the herald sun home sat supplement..and what impresses me, is from these collectors articles..even though the subject is the person and what is collected, i find “how” they store their collection very informative in a somewhat passive diffusion way! Shelves utilising all wall space, use of material, wood strong and timeless in design! TV is such a powerful , tool for communication, but a color article in a newspaper lying around the house all day, or meeting lunch room at work, is an amazing pr gift, well done lissanne!!

  2. I have just come across an appeal for used Bibles. The Bible Society is constantly being asked for pre-loved Bibles. Some of them go to people who are living on the streets of Melbourne; some get packed into containers headed overseas; sometimes they are able to fulfil a request for a particular version that is no longer in print. They can be old and scuffed, as long as they are intact. Drop off or post to their office, 2-6 Albert Street, Blackburn (9-5 Mon-Fri).

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