Fluffy’s bag audit

trashGod love Fluffy’s bag audit… loved the tip about straight to the rubbish bin too! Hilarious!

I had to laugh.. my new book sorted! (which goes to the printers on Thursday) features a ‘recipe’ that’s very similar to Fluffy’s.. although I neglected to mention the ‘extreme’ version that Fluffy did. Enjoy!


3 responses to “Fluffy’s bag audit

  1. love the idea of “fluffy’s bag audit. I have several bags that are used depending on the weather, need and my mood. So I am constantly moving from one bag to another. I sometimes loose items in the move and end up just buying another, thus ending up with double or triple the items I actually need. Any ideas how I can avoid loosing items in this way?

  2. I love those Pursekets. My friend bought me one from the States but I think there is a local stockist now. Saves heaps of time and mess as you just transfer the inside of one bag to another easily.

  3. Yes I agree, I have a purseket and it’s fantastic. Buy online from http://www.designeronline.com.au. Sizes vary from small to large and they have many pockets to keep everything in order in your bag and can be easily removed and placed into another bag. No more double ups – keep it all in the purseket. I have bought them as presents for my family and friends – it is a great hit as a present. Once reformed you will never go back!!

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