Love a funky timekeeper

funky timekeeperBeing organised means being good at time management. love this free screensaver! You can find it here.


3 responses to “Love a funky timekeeper

  1. Yes! Great!
    BUT who can tell me where to obtain a good old-fashioned, clear clock or clock-radio with the DAY clearly shown? (The kind that used to be quite common, and that is featured in the movie, “Groundhog Day”.)
    Alzheimer’s sufferers, and those of us who do not days clearly marked out with business, can lose track of days so easily. My mother has Alzheimer’s, and frets constantly about ‘what day is it?’. I have found one little alarm clock for her, but the dial is not very clear for her poor eyesight.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Lissanne! Thanks for the clock screensaver link. I’ll definitely be giving it a go. I am always on the look out for ways to not lose track of time, especially when on the computer.
    ~ Jean

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