I swear I didn’t put it there!

I just went to the rag bin to grab an old bit of stuff .. and guess what I found? A brand new, bonds t-shirt! Hot pink, label still on (I always cut the labels off before I wear them) so I know I’ve never worn it. Not sure I even remember buying it. There are plenty of old crusty Bonds in my rag bin… but the new one? I swear I didn’t put it there!

With a client last week, we went through the filing cabinet and found a bag of IT type parts. At the bottom of the bag was a a sentimental old watch. But get this: it was worth $25K. It was a Rolex. The owner said it had been lost for seven years and was overwhelmed to discover it again… it was a special item from a family member, so the sentimental value was also massive (unlike my pink bonds t-shirt).

What unexpected things have you found in your space? What missing little critters?

3 responses to “I swear I didn’t put it there!

  1. AHHHH the sweet sweet smell of relief… with client today and we unearthed a HIGHLY sentimental pen… gift from boyfriend, she thought it was *lost* (ouch). Love my work!

  2. Lisanne,

    That was *my* nearest and dearest who found that watch, and not only was it worth a whole lot of money, a whole lot of sentimental value, and a whole lot of “See? Told you it would be a good anniversary gift!” – there was one more benefit. I won MASSIVE points against my MIL (mother-in-law) who has been claiming for all those 7 years that I took the watch to be repaired but never picked it up – Ha! I am SO.NOT.GULTY. of that crime! Thanks for freeing me from MIL guilt jail!

    – Michelle
    PS Office is more organised than when you left – look out for before/after pics on my own blog (plus a plug for SORTED!) shortly.)

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